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Grape Groups

Have you taken a side?

Most wine drinkers have decided they are either a red or white wine 'people'. We practice wine respect if a white wine drinker joins our red ranks, but I'll bet opinions and predjudice are quietly at work. Women, for example have been stereotyped as white wine lover's, while the men drink the rough stuff - the reds. Some experience health issues with certain wine types, usually headaches, when drinking outside the norm.

We have grown up a bit, and a man can enjoy a chardonnay with his lobster, while his female counterpart can have a cabernet sauvignon with her chocolate mousse, and everyone's happy.


But we want more; more information, more tastings, more friends to share our new finds with, and let the bias be damned.


Click on grape groups below to find your preferred wine kindred:


Red wine lover's

White wine lover's

Rosť lover's





Cognac / Brandy drinker's


Entertaining tips
Popular pairings

~ Tempranillo & gorgonzola

~ Chocolate Shop & steak

~ Quinson Fils & tapenade

~ Chablis & mango swordfish

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