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Jackson Pollock

This widget is a tribute to Jackson Pollock (1912-1956), an abstract expressionist who became famous with his drip paintings. While we do not suggest you drink yourself into alcoholism as he did, we suggest you enjoy following in his footsteps with a friend and a glass of wine. Ooops, you spilled a bit there.

Be Jackson Pollock for a Day

This page no longer works because the widget company has gone belly up :(

Move your cursor across the screen below. Click left mouse button to change colour. (It's random - sorry.)

To save, use snipping tool or go to http://alternativeto.net/software/snipping-tool/ for alternative capture tools.

To clear, tap spacebar or refresh page. Sorry - this app won't work on a touch screen, such as an iPad.


Vincent Van Gogh

Few artists are loved more than Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890). His passion for beauty and for life speak to our innermost desires.

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