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Recent questions:

Bottle shapes : Why are wine bottles shaped that way?

Bottle colours : Why are some grteen, some brown? And who's the Green Hungarian?

Bottle sizes : What are the names of each size, and what are their measurements? Why do they exist?

The cork : All about the cork, real and man-made.

The foil : What's that all about?



wine making process
how temperature affects wine  
how weather affects wine
glass shapes
aging wine
storing wine
investing in wine
sommelier schools
wine and health
what drives the price of wines


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What is a wine expert?



What is a wine expert? Generally, an expert is someone who knows enough about a subject that they can teach others who know less on the subject. So a wine expert is someone who has more information and experience with wine than YOU. For someone who has never had a glass of wine, an expert could be someone who has had several glasses of wine.

However, in general, a wine expert is someone with years of experience drinking wine while being conscious of grading it, using their previous tastings as a guide. Since a sense of flavour is not universal, their opinion is just that - opinion, not factual. Once you find someone who likes what you like, their opinion can become your guide.

Sure, you can enjoy wine without knowing where it came from or what year it was bottled, but learning why you like it can raise your enjoyment to a passion.

What is the difference between old vine and ancient vine?



What is the difference between old vines and ancients vines?





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