The following list looks at films from the 21st century that foster unhealthy obsession, stylish strangeness, and offer feelings of connection for the bravest or most eccentric viewers amongst us. A near perfect distillation of horror, humor, science fiction and class polemic, writer/director Joe Cornish’s feature length debut, Attack the Block, is a monster movie with bite. Genre fans instantly jumped on board this picture, which was bestowed by Rue Morgue with 2006’s coveted “Best Feature Film of the Year,” and if zombie-themed, extraterrestrial parasites running amok amongst hayseeds in small town America is your cup of tea, than Slither is the finest cup of Rooibos you’ve swilled in a long time. When do the movements that purport to search for love, peace, and happiness gets infested by violence, corruption, and abuse? Top 10 Modern Cult Following Movies. 2,145 80 Gift Republic's Bucket List of 90s Movies. Take The Witches for example; it's both a cult … Modern Horror Films from 2000 - now. We create each Barcode using custom software to sample every single frame of the movie, and bring them all together to create a stunning and highly unique work of ar Documentaries about Cults: The phenomenon of cults is an intriguing subject in our modern capitalist society. A cult film is the kind of film that builds its loyal fanbase overtime. Rutger Hauer is the eponymous homeless avenger who takes on the Drake (Brian Downey), a sadistic crime boss––sadistic being an understatement––and his cruel sons (Nick Bateman and Robb Wells), who rule over Hope Town with an iron fist. This is what happens when a thoroughly solid drama also happens to be a horror: stirring character development, palpable tension submerging into madness, unforgettably frightening creatures, and it’s just so awesome that it’s an all-woman cast. Oscars 2021: 10 Best Picture Movie Contenders The 100 Greatest Cult Films. Bookmark the permalink. If you haven’t seen Hot Rod, you’re missing one of the best American comedies of the 2000s, so don’t get left in the dust. “Um, I was gonna ask you who you think would win in a fight between… a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco?”. You may not hear much about it this year, but the love for these small, unique films will only grow. Director: Darren Aronofsky | Stars: Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, Sean Patrick Thomas, Ellen Burstyn. A great cult movie is like a weird underground discovery, that feels so strange and wonderful, you suspect that you’re the first person ever to appreciate it properly. One of Johnson’s biggest coups lays in his transferral of high school stereotypes into the hard-boiled detective world of dames, thugs, and stoolies, the end result is a shadowy, surreal visage of the suburban landscape, one eerily absent of adults, overrun with rhythmic, gutter poetry (his dialogue bristles with nuance and style in the two-fisted tradition) and hard-edged aplomb. Culture . Every film buff has a few cult classics lined up in their collection of favourite movies. Drama. Menu. These modern movies may not have gotten the love they deserved the first time around, but with a little fan dedication—err, a LOT of fan dedication, they've gotten the cult following and the long shelf life they rightfully deserve. 15 Best Cult Classic Movies Of All Time. With beliefs rooted in white supremacy, the Ku Klux Klan is a particular cult of Christianity. One of the best stoner comedies ever made, and a quotable cache of smart and droll dialogue all works to elevate director David Gordon Green’s Pineapple Express into a sportive trifecta of action, comedy, and intoxication. 13 Cult Films About Cults ... envy and manipulation in this sympathetic portrayal of a modern-day cult leader and his spiritual convictions. Here are some 2019 films destined for cult … The bodies of cult members lie on a bed inside a compound at Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. as seen in this television image March 27, 1997. Starring Josh Brolin as a man who stumbles upon a large suitcase of cash and Javier Bardem as a psychotic hit man, the movie gets better every time you see it. Modern Greatest Cult Films: Little Shop of Horrors (1960) - remade in 1986 Peeping Tom (1960) Carnival of Souls (1962) Dr. No (1962) The Manchurian Candidate (1962) What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? As a result, this list of movies is quite eclectic — it includes gearhead classics, cult standbys, noirs, modern blockbusters, art-house favorites, and even some genuine obscurities. It … The purpose of horror is to evoke fear and loathing. Here, we’ve filtered through the endless titles so you don’t have to, and found the best cult films to watch this month. Cult classics are movies that usually underperformed at the box office or had a mixed reception, but these films have been reevaluated and gained a cult following since their initial release. Rod Kimball (Samberg), the titular “Hot Rod,” is an amicable, accident-prone, wannabe stunt man who, more than anything, just wants to gain the respect of his stepfather, Frank (Ian McShane). After Frank is suddenly stricken seriously ill and in urgent need of a costly heart transplant, Rod devises a half-baked and utterly outrageous stunt––to use his unreliable Tomos moped to jump fifteen school buses––in order to raise the funds for the operation and up his status as a legitimate stunt man. In honor of the ten year anniversary of Mean Girls (an extremely unlikely candidate for a cult movie, but one nonetheless) we asked our readers to select their favorite cult movies. They’re original and unforgettable creations that, combined with a breakout performance from John Boyega as teenage hoodlum Moses, Attack the Block is a modern cult classic and an astonishing directorial debut to boot. Starring a cult icon, the drag queen Divine, this scandalous film is a grotesque gem that only found success by word-of-mouth. Director: Kevin Smith ... A comic allegory about a traveling Bushman who encounters modern civilization and its stranger aspects, including a clumsy scientist and a band of revolutionaries. Unceremoniously ignored on its cinematic release, the hilarious Hot Rod, co-written, directed by, and starring California comedy trio The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone), has steadily amassed a devoted army of adoring, forgiving, and fiercely loyal fans (and the same can be said for their side-splitting musical parody Popstar from 2016, included in the Honorable Mentions section following this list). The film follows two brothers who … Danny McBride all but steals the show as Saul’s unreliable drug supplier, Red, and funny performances from the likes of Ed Begley Jr., Craig Robinson, and Joe Lo Truglio, amongst others, populate this incredibly stylish, and endlessly exciting genre mashup. Cult movies rose as a phenomenon in the 1970s, thanks to the likes of Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “El Topo” (1970) and “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975). Here are 30 essential cult movies that everybody ought to watch, at least once. Here are some 2019 films destined for cult status. 3,188 502 80 Most Underrated Films of the 80s. Part of the attraction with movies designated with cult status is that they are so very different and much more provocative than mainstream populist fare. Cool beans. A cult movie can be a misunderstood movie or perhaps one that underperformed when released so, we?ve decided to put together the ultimate cult movies list. 40,000+ articles posted by thousands of contributors spanning the entire cultural spectrum. :The Extra Terrestrial, a space opera like Star Wars, or a romantic historical drama like Titanic, the choice few break box office records and capture hearts as soon as they hit theaters.But other iconic movies weren't built in a single opening weekend. A cult film, also commonly referred to as a cult classic, is a film with a cult following, obscure or unpopular with mainstream audiences, and often revolutionary or ironically enjoyed. Bon appétit! Movies don't come cooler than this early '80s cult classic, featuring Diane Lane as Corinne Burns, the teenage leader of an all-girl punk band, the Stains. Andrew Dilks hasn't written a bio just yet, but if they had... it would appear here. 3,188 502 80 Most Underrated Films of the 80s. Movies designated with cult status attract special audiences because they’re so very different and much more provocative than mainstream populist fare. The Top 25 Greatest Cult Films. ... 500 Essential Cult Movies. Modern viewers get sick … Equal parts The Big Sleep and The Breakfast Club, Johnson’s film moves the Raymond Chandleresque narrative from the sun-soaked streets of crime-addled Los Angeles to the modern California suburbs and, more specifically, into the high school halls. Modern cult films grew from 1960s counterculture and underground films, popular among those who rejected mainstream Hollywood films. The antithesis of cinematic subtlety, this gloriously gruesome homage to low-budget horror is actually pretty damn enjoyable if you can get past the deliberately vile content (mistreated hookers, horrible pimps, a pedophile dressed as Santa), blood-splattered gore, colorful dialogue, and guiltily enjoy the revenge-fuelled awfulness of it all.