[50] Chile is the second-ranked country in the world for number of Croatian descendants, after Croatia itself. They managed to prosper and preserve Baltic culture, when their homelands struggled to break free from Russia by 1990. With akin Latin culture, the French immigrants quickly assimilated into mainstream Chilean society. Because many areas of the Chilean South are sparsely populated, the traces of German immigration are rather obvious. [5][46] The English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish population rose to more than 32,000 during the port of Valparaíso's boom period at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century during the saltpeter bonanza. The Chilean Goverment has also set new limits on how much time you must be physically in Chile to qualify for Citizenship in Chile. Alessandri Family, with two future presidents of Chile, year 1920. The number of medical centers operated by Cubans has increased in the past few years and they have proven to be great successes as a result of their low costs. Italian Chileans along with French Chileans contributed to the development, cultivation and ownership of the world-famous Chilean wines from haciendas in the Central Valley ever since the first wave of Italians arrived in colonial Chile in the early 19th century. It is currently estimated that there are about 50,000 Chileans of Dutch descent in Chile, mostly located in Malleco, Gorbea, Pitrufquén, Faja Maisan and around Temuco. The first group was composed of 1311 families who landed in a Chilean port 19 December 1883. Many of these immigrants also entered the country illegally. [47] The role of British colonial influence is important to understanding the boom and bust of the port of Valparaíso. Many of the principal political and economic figures in Bolivia have studied in Chile for a great part of their lives. * Without a doubt, most Croatian immigrants, approximately 58,000, arrived in Chile at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, up until World War I. Consequently, the Croatian colony in Chile was officially considered Austro-Hungarian. Bolivian immigration is minor in comparison to the Argentine and Peruvian communities in Chile, but it is not unimportant with more than 20,000 immigrants in the year 2008. In reality, the descendants of these first immigrants mostly live in the big cities. These immigrant families initially dedicated themselves to their preferred forms of business, and in successive years entered into many alliances with families of Castilian origin possessing lands and titles, giving birth to a new social group known in Chilean history as the "Castilian-Basque Aristocracy.". Chile tightens immigration law ahead of predicted post-lockdown arrivals. Chile's department of immigration (Departamento de Extranjería y Migración) has determined that the time before a person qualifies for applying for full residency in Chile starts when temporary residency is granted and you receive your official visa status in your passport. You do need to prove sufficient money and resources to support yourself and your family. I lived in chile for 3 years between 2011 and 2014 and I found the process quiet easy. Most visas provided in Chile allow for a route to full permanent residency. The Wennekool family came to Chile and inaugurated the Dutch colonization of Villarrica.[65]. Published: 23/06/2020 Though during all its history, Chile has received immigrants from other American countries. Others returned to the motherland after the first war but most of the immigrants stayed in their new country and founded numerous Greek-Chilean families. As immigration has grown and moved away from its European roots to become more diverse, it has emerged as a hot-button political issue, complicating longstanding efforts to reform the country's 1975 immigration law. entrevista al Presidente de la Cámara vasca. [7] Today, most immigrants come from other American countries. The first contingent departed Switzerland in November 1883. The majority of Greek immigrants arrived in Chile at the beginning of century, some as part of their spirit of adventure and escape from the rigors of the World War and the catastrophe of Smyrna in Asia Minor, although many Greeks had already settled in Antofagasta, a city in northern Chile, including crews of the ships commanded by Arturo Prat for the Pacific War (1879–1883) in naval battle of Iquique (boatswain Constantine Micalvi).

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