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There's something magic about wine; so much potential at a wine gathering - like everyone knows a secret but they're not sure if they know all of it. These participant's are brave enough to learn more. Come share the magic with us!




Welcome to CorkScrewLoose, a

Wine lover's network

CorkScrewLoose is a wine community - a place to learn more about wine and meet other wine lovers. Peruse the site for new stories, photos, gifts or pairing ideas from people living their own wine lifestyles the world over, or login to your private account where you can store wine files of your own. Share your knowledge and experiences with kindred spirits while you enjoy a glass of grape at your keyboard. Come back often for wine selections, vintner secrets, or even a job. It's all here. But remember... enjoy!!


The CSl Community
Popular pairings
~ Tempranillo and gorgonzola

~ Chocolate Shop and steak

~ Quinson Fils and tapenade

~ Chablis and mango swordfish


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